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Natural healing or holistic healing involves the mind, body and spirit. In order to heal the whole person, all three parts must be involved.

Therefore natural or holistic healing includes the conscious and sub-conscious mind along with the physical parts of the body, for lasting results to be realized.

Natural holistic healing can only start when you decide you are ready. You must make a conscious choice and cannot be pushed or dragged into it. Our approach is one of small steps with education on every step. We will teach you how to accomplish your goals with inspiration and motivation along your path. With every solution you adopt you will find success.

Your natural holistic healing protocol will include nutrition, herbs and, possibly, supplementation to help your body get into balance, along with coaching on how to make the changes in thinking that will help your body re-learn its signals. Wellness is a balanced state of mind, body and spirit.

Western allopathic medicine compared to holistic nutritional medicine is a common debate.

The western allopathic medical approach focuses on treating the physical symptoms whereas our holistic nutritional approach includes the mind, body and spirit as a whole. In many cases the treatments prescribed in western medicine create new symptoms that delay healing and can cause the possibility of never achieving complete wellness. The holistic whole body approach can reduce the need of the western allopathic program. At no time do we recommend discontinuing your doctor's prescribed medications.

Why Supplement when we get our nutrients from our food?
The nutrient level of our foods today compared to 100 years ago, or even
50 years ago, is greatly reduced. Due to over planting, mono crops and
the use of herbicides and pesticides, the soil does not have the level of
nutrients it once did.

The most noticable one is B12 (it comes from soil bacteria) and trace minerals. Good quality supplements and herbal remedies are widely considered a good preventative measure but also essential to help aid the body with the amount of nutrients it needs to achieve and maintain wellness and balance.

When the body is at prime efficiency, all the primary body systems, the mind and the spirit are in balance.

The part can never be well unless the whole is well. - Plato

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