Long before doctors and chemists created drugs, there were herbs. Herbs are nature’s pharmacy, with over 8,000 known herbs providing important medicinal or dietary benefits. Holistic herbs can include the whole plant or may be just the roots, seeds, flowers, bark or leaves.

Herbs can provide many different benefits which can uplift both the body and the mind. Unlike Western medicine, medications which target a specific biological function, herbs provide thorough benefits for the whole body.

Herbs can be used to treat a number of physical problems by promoting the energy flows in the meridians while also providing emotional benefits. Herbs can improve general health and create a sense of calm or relaxation. When you are able to control stress, you also are able to enjoy better physical health.

Herbs play an important role in natural treatments, because they are effective at reaching your organs and systems. Holistic herbs are therapeutic, but it is important to take them under the guidance of a trained practitioner. What many people don’t understand is the true power contained within herbal combinations.

Different herbs focus on and benefit different parts of the body while also increasing the life force.

  • Eliminate toxicities and deficiencies in the body
  • Restore emotional and physical balance
  • Clean the organs and the bodily systems (includes the circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, and urinary)

In holistic medicine, the unique herbal formulas are used to address the needs of clients from a physical and emotional perspective, thus increasing their effectiveness.


Initial assessment:
Adult - $125.00
Child (under 12 years) $70.00

You will be sent the questionnaires by email to fill out. An appointment will also be made to discuss your results. You will also receive a report of your body system imbalances, supplementation and lifestyle advice. This appointment can be by phone, email or in person and will be approx 1-1.5 hrs.

Follow ups $45.00/half hour


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