Unfortunately, today our food resources are more processed, toxic, and deficient in vitamins and minerals, therefore creating more disease and illness than ever! Every year we are discovering harmful ingredients, genetically modified organisms, and unethical food processing procedures. But there is hope!

Our bodies are very unique organisms that can heal themselves given the proper tools. These tools used together make powerful changes that heal and nurture the whole body system. It is our mind body connection, that must all work together.

We must learn to:

  • make proper food choices
  • eliminate environmental toxins
  • reduce stress, both physical and psychological
  • eliminate or reduce prescription drugs
  • drink clean water
  • exercise
  • make time for quality down time and/or meditate

Every person has the ability to make little changes within their lives that will help their bodies achieve the best it can. With proper nutrition you will see countless benefits including:

  • increased energy levels
  • improved digestion
  • optimal weight maintenance
  • anti-aging
  • protection against all the major chronic diseases plaguing our society

Let me help you, through some detailed questionnaires, find the issues that are affecting what your body needs the most. You may not even realize what is effecting you. Our society accepts a lot of aches and pains as common place, or aging, and in most cases, they will go away!

Once we have determined what your body needs and what you would like to achieve, I will create a personal protocol that fits your unique needs.

Recipe Revamps: Price is determined by the number of recipes and extent of revamping
I can take your favourite recipes make them nutritious and allergen free, and make them taste great!


Initial Consultation
Adults: $175.00
Children (under 12 years): $100.00
You will be sent in-depth questionnaires by email. The questionnaires are about your present and past health and activities along with a one week food diary. I need to look at the whole picture and not just the symptoms. After I have analyzed your protocol we will have our initial consultation. This appointment can be done by phone, email or in person and will be approx. 1-1.5 hrs.

Your consultation will include a report of your body system imbalances, nutritional recommendations, supplementation and lifestyle advice, along with a 3 day menu plan specific to you. A follow-up appointment will be booked to provide support, including a review of your progress, updating your nutritional plan, discussing next steps. It will be approx 30 mins and should be approx 2 wks after the initial consultation.

Regular Consultation
Adults: $75.00
Children (under 12 years): $50.00
If you are looking for advice on cleansing, detox protocols, or looking at doing a lifestyle or diet change (e.g. incorporating organic choices, sports nutrition, vegetarianism, vegan, raw foods). This appointment can help guide you with your transition. Appointments can be done be email, phone or in person. Please allow approx. 1 hr.

Additional consultation fees: 15 minutes- $20.00


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